9 sets of Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

What’s the point of making your own Christmas tags, or buying them for that matter, when they are FREE! Check out these beauties that are in abundance! I wish I had a laser printer so I can print these in their true beauty!

Black and white simple winter home Christmas tags


The Gifted Magazine has several printable Christmas Tags, like the example below.
Christmas Gift Tags

Simple Reindeer Winter Christmas Tags


Have a Holly Jolly Christmas


Original Christmas Tags

Modern Christmas Tags

Black and White Christmas Tags

Green and Charcoal Christmas Tags

Christmas Shopping Gift Tags?

Printable Christmas Postcard

Rudolph Wishin' a Merry Christmas

This year I designed our own Christmas cards. I handed them out at work today, and they were a hit! I received a lot of compliments on Rudolph. :) I’m calling this design “Rudolph Wishin’ you a Merry Christmas.”

I opened up an etsy account, and you can have the card yourself! Since it’s so close to Christmas, I made it available to e-mail you the template and you can print it at your local kinko’s store. Once you’re done printing you can trim the edges in the store. I designed it as a postcard so everyone can save a tree and not use an envelope.

I want to know, what is your favorite Christmas Card?