4 New Return Address Stamp Designs You’ll Fall For

4 New Trendy Return Address Stamp Designs

Hi Friends!

How’s your summer going?  Here in the mid-west it’s been a combination of a cool summer month with extreme heat.  It’s been so hot where the pool feels like it’s sizzling!

Question for you guys and gals!  Since summer is here and wedding season is in full swing, we’re you recently engaged or married?  Or maybe you purchased a house and need the perfect return address stamp? Well great news! We have four new trendy return address stamps that will be perfect for all those occassions!

Floral Return Address Stamp Designs

Florals and fancy script are the latest trends right now and we created not one, but two new return address stamp designs using both combinations!

Personalized Return Address Stamp (T8)

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that incorporating flowers and plants into our designs is our thing.  We absolutely love incorporating them in stamps and the rest of our products!

Personalized Return Address Stamp (T158)


Simple, Casual & Elegant Return Address Stamp Designs

We work hard watching and investigating the current trends in the wedding industry market.  We think of our shoppers often when we create something new.  While we absolutely love our flowers and vines, you may prefer something a bit more casual, simple and elegant.  So of course we created two new designs that are perfect for those type of buyers who crave simple, elegant and the latest trends.

Personalized Return Address Stamp (T114)

I am personally a fan of using a stamp without a first names.  Especially if you have a family involved.  Privacy is something that I think each of us want daily!  The following address reveals just enough to not give away who you really are.  At least that’s what I like to think!

Personalized Return Address Stamp (T167)

If you like to find out where you can buy these return address stamps, you can visit our store and check out the category “return address stamps” (or just click on that link).  Don’t forget to tag us in your instagram pictures using #fallfordesign or share what you’ve done with your stamp at our facebook page!  Make sure you follow us at pinterest as well!


7 New Simple Elegant Return Address Stamps for Weddings

This spring weather has been nice!  It’s been in the 60’s and 70’s here in the mid-west.  Hello t-shirts, and hello weddings!

I’m here today to show you few of our new and personal favorite return address stamps.  They’re perfect to address you envelopes for your wedding!

1. Return Address Stamp T71  Return Address Stamp Self InkTemplate T71 is one of our new return address stamps.  This return address stamp features a whimsical elegant feel with a dash of sophistication.  The font is a cursive font that’s hand-written.  The swirls make you feel like you’re in an enchanted forest, or deep into a magical book where you just can’t stop turning the pages!  The address part of this return address stamp features one of our favorites serif font that you see through out the shop in other return address stamps.  The zip code is on its own line in this return address stamp.  The zip code has more spacing and a dot flanks each side of the zip code.  You can buy this stamp by clicking here.  Please make sure your read our description details and proof tabs on each item listing for important information.

2.  Return Address Stamp T92

Simple Elegant Romantic Return Address Stamp for Couples or Weddings

This stamp is almost identical to the T71 stamp.  We just couldn’t decide on which serif font to pick for the address line.  We loved both of the return address stamps!  So what happens when we love two looks for one return address stamp design?  We list them both for sale and let you choose your favorite return address stamp!

3.  Return Address Stamp #30

Return Address Stamp

We couldn’t stop there with the zip code on its own line you see, we just loved this version so much too!  Click here to buy it.

4.  Return Address Stamp #31

Return Address Stamp

Okay so we are obviously getting ourselves carried away!  We couldn’t make up our mind, we loved all four versions of this design!  How about you pick what you like best?  What do you think?  Do you love it?  Then click here and get yourself one!

5.  Return Address Stamp #12

Return Address Stamp Self Ink

This stamp is a little different, but it feels expensive, simple and elegant.  This stamp features a soft, yet fun and whimsical handwritten cursive style.  The address is our favorite serif font of all time.  Click here to buy this return address stamp.

6.  Return Address Stamp #227

Simple Elegant Romantic Return Address Stamp for Couples or Weddings

This address stamp feels romantic with a touch of sophistication.  The address is simple and showcases a last name.  This stamp is perfect for couples or a single person.  What’s best about these stamps is you can use them to address your wedding invitations instead of using thousands of address labels!  Click here to buy this stamp.

7.  Return Address Stamp #156

Simple Elegant Romantic Return Address Stamp for Couples or Weddings

This is an example of the T227 stamp.  The T156 features a last name for a bold yet simple and elegant statement.  I see so many beautiful personalities using this stamp.  Click here to buy this stamp.

7.  Return Address Stamp #228

This Return Address Stamp is Romantic, Elegant, Unique and simple featuring a heart between the names.  This return address stamp is erfect for addressing your wedding envelopes or sending out your mail!

Love these stamps and want to see more?  Check out our entire category of return address stamps by clicking this link!  Remember to check out the “details” on each product page for more information including the proofs tab.  We receive a lot of questions but the information is already listed.  Make sure you read those first, you’ll more than likely find your answer.

Have a great night!