We’re now a Limited Liability Company!

How to become an LLC


You won’t notice anything different around here.  But I finally took the plunge and moved my business over from sole-proprietor to a Limited Liability Company.  Having a LLC protects my family and our personal assets from any business loss.

You’re probably wondering what made me decide to take the plunge?  Well, we’ve actually always wanted our business to have some protection before we started offering any services.  But lets talk about my business (For those of you just tuning in – I don’t talk juicy details about my husbands grass cutting business).

When we first launched our businesses, we did talk to a business lawyer.  They offered to form our business’s as a LLC for a whopping $700 big bucks (for two businesses).  We didn’t know how much it would cost, and we decided to save up $700 to see if we could reach our dreams before we started thinking about being a LLC.

Well, fast forward now and we’re both self-employed and almost always broke.  We’ve reached our dream, but we still have a ways to go.  Everyone wants to be a millionaire, right?  So do we!  So a few months ago I started saving up to become a LLC.  Jeremiah happened to give me $50 from his business to put towards a LLC.  So I didn’t have much money to form a LLC, but it encouraged me to get a different quote from a few lawyers, and I looked into legalzoom.com too.  Legalzoom freaked me out a little, especially about that part of having a “Registered Agent.”  A registered agent is someone that will receive mail for us and contact us if we need to worry about anything.  Legalzoom’s cost was $99.

Since I work from home, I knew that I didn’t want my address to be anywhere public or to have any mad customers come to my house where my family resides.  So I called around and spoke to another lawyer.  This lawyer notified me that they no longer offer their services as a Registered Agent.  She said that it’s so easy to register my LLC that I could do it myself for $50.  $50 instead of $700?  Wow, shocking, I know.

And that shock was what I needed to research the application process with the State of Missouri.  It only had 7 questions to help me file my “articles of organization.”  And one of them listed that I could use a PO box.  This PO Box solved my Register Agent problem.   Meaning, I’m now the Registered Agent and we have a PO Box that’s public.  So if you guys want to send me snail mail, you can.  But please no nasty stuff. :)

And $50.00 later I’m now an LLC and fully protected under Missouri State Laws and my business policies.  All my shops and my website all run under Fall For Design LLC.  This is one item off my list of “success” that I accomplished.  It feels pretty good!

Other then being a millionaire, what’s on your business goal list?  Have you crossed anything off lately?

The Decision That Almost Crashed My Business

So this week we did one of these…


It all started with Jeremiah approaching his off-season for grass cutting.  We knew he would have to find some sort of work during the winter months.  We thought he found the work to help us through the winter.  His first day of employment came and went and was a few short hours of training.  Then came his second day of training.  You see, the job Jeremiah had was a night shift starting from 11PM to 3AM.  On his second day he worked from 11PM to 7AM.  He had to turn-around, come home, nap for 4 hours, and then continue cutting grass.

The whole time he naps I don’t have access to the bedroom, where my office is located.  Do you see where I’m going with this?

If he didn’t have to cut grass, he would be sleeping from 8AM to about 4PM… and I still wouldn’t have access to the computer all day long.  Can you now guess where I’m going with this?

And here’s our facepalm moment.  We quickly realized that if Jeremiah sleeps all day to work all night, that it would kill my business until Spring.  I wouldn’t be able to get anything accomplished and the whole house would be off-balance.  No playing inside (stomping and trying to sleep = no sleep), lots of couch sitting and movie watching and spending whole days in our PJ’s.

We realized that we would be doing a complete 180 from what we have accomplished so far.  And we knew we can’t survive on part-time hours alone, my business still needed to operate and we couldn’t hold off until Spring.  So we decided that Jeremiah had to quit.  We decided to wait until his grass season is over until he tries to find a day position.  And we hope he does.  Meanwhile, I’ve been pumping out new designs left and right to help pick up the slack while we fight the 5 months of finding-employment-battle.  We’re estimating this battle to begin in October and last through March.

Here’s a self-promotional plug of some of the new designs I’ve come up with;

il_570xN.496156796_2syf il_570xN.498062847_ttif

You can find both of these items in my etsy shop.


So what’s going on with you guys?  Any facepalm’s lately?  Or am I the only one doing a facepalm?

Face palm image from here.