$25 Etsy Gift Card Giveaway

Blog Giveaway Gift Cards

Last month Kate S. won our Etsy Gift Card Giveaway, but it’s back this month.  There’s still a chance you can win!  Before I go into the details on how you can enter, I wanted to share with you why I felt like Etsy was the best way to give back to our readers.

Etsy consists of small business owners, just like myself, trying to live their own version of an American Dream. Since my husband and I are both self-employed, we have experienced how important it is that the community and people around the world buy a product or service from us. We want to encourage you to make a purchase through another Etsy store and help financially support an Etsy seller with this Gift Card Giveaway.

So here’s some information about this Giveaway;

  • One winner will be selected.
  • The winner will receive a $25.00 gift card giveaway through e-mail.
  • The winner will also receive a $5.00 off coupon to use in our Etsy Shop for PDF files (can also use together with gift card).
  • Etsy is available in several countries all over the world.

Additional Information:

  • The $5 coupon is valid for 25 days.
  • The winner will be contacted via email.
  • The last day to enter is this Friday!

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Our New Advertising Media Kit

Pst – I did an upgrade on my thesis theme and it crashed my current blog design. Please bare with me as I and the guys over at Thesis try to get it back together again! Fixed!

Bloggers tend to lean on other companies to give valuable free resources where you benefit (and your readers do too). Take Google Reader for instance. They were free for a long time until they closed their doors just recently. Thankfully I was able to switch over to Feedly with a push of a button… but what about all the other majority of people out there? What a time-consuming process to find a new product!

And that’s what I had to do this week. I had to spend several hours upon hours trying to figure out a new advertising method. Passion Fruit ads just recently announced that effective in September, it’s closing it’s doors to the general (free) public and offering paid memberships.

If you’re a blog who makes a lot of money from sponsoring, than the $9.00 monthly membership may be worth it. But since we’re a small blog that’s still growing, the membership is not worth it to us at this time.

Passionfruit’s announcement was just the fuel I needed to launch the next step of my business plan. For a while now I’ve wanted to come up with a Media Kit to offer for any advertising inquiries. I sat down and got to work and created this media kit that you may have seen us post on instagram;

Screen shot 2013-07-23 at 4.00.30 PM

After the Media Kit was completed, I went ahead and revamped our advertising page, but I didn’t stop there. When I launched our splash page a few months ago, I had a plan that it would draw new sales and new relationships all around. But after watching it for two months, I noticed that everyone was going straight to the blog. They rather see what I was talking about instead! So I put the splash page on the back-burner and will be rethinking about how I’m going to connect the business website and the blog at a later date. Now for those of you who come here direct, you’ll see the blog instead.

I also fixed my feed where it no longer shows the feed summary, but it also shows the whole entire post in your feed. My personal preference is to have the full post in a feed. Most bloggers who show the summary in a feed does this to increase their page views. I get it that it increases page views, but it had a reverse effect on me. I skip right over blog feeds that have summaries. Why? Because it’s too much trouble trying to back-track into my feed where I left off. Usually I have to log back into my feed application and start from the beginning all over again. I figured if I was having a hard time with summaries in my feed, than I may lose feed subscribers if I did the same. I rather have feed subscribers than no readers at all. So now you can see the full summary in your feed.

That’s the latest changes in my business plan. One thing about being self-employed is the work is never ending, and the growth is always growing.

You tell me, are you doing any growth lately? What changes have you made recently to your business plan?