Holiday Party Invitations

No news on the house buying process today.

However, I awoke especially early before the kids to get these two new invitations up in the zazzle shop. They’re originally in my etsy shop, but since it’s closed for business currently, I decided to make them available in zazzle. You can edit it with any verbiage you want (and change the font) without having to go through the proofing process with me.

Easy as pie! Right?

I designed the Turkey to match more modern Thanksgiving decoration. I imagine colors of beige, burlap, orange and gold all around your dinner table..

Some days I have a few minutes to spare to work on a zazzle design. I still don’t have the time to commit to projects that require a length of time. Next week we’ll have 45 days left to find a house. Eek!

Have a Happy weekend everyone!

Your Questions and Answers

Hi Everyone! We made an offer on a house today. We’re crossing our fingers and hoping we’ll have good news to share next week. Back to the regular schedule program..

The last few weeks I’ve had two questions come up from two different people. I thought I should share my answers with you guys instead of keeping all my “goods” a secret.

1. When do you plan on re-opening your Etsy Shop? I plan to come back to Fall For Design on Etsy once things settle down in the house-hunting department. If we are under contract with a new house, I’ll probably open the shop back up for a small window of a time. Closer to the moving date I’ll have to close down again. I won’t know when I’ll have internet again, but I really hope it will be soon. Heck, I hope all this mess will happen soon!

2. Do you like adsense? Any recommendations on any platforms you should use adsense on? You can see from my blog income report that Adsense is not working all that great, mostly because of the traffic. More on that here. I like adsense, but I don’t count on it to be a solid income in the future. I would really love to offer sponsors on fallfordesign, but we have a very long way to go before that comes a reality.

For the platforms, I use the Thesis Theme. You can find out more information about the Thesis Theme from my resource page. I have built wordpress themes from scratch, but the support forums is what made me stick with thesis. The Thesis Community is so helpful. I don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how to repair what I accidentally broke. I post my problem/question in the Thesis Support Forums and I’ll have an answer in my inbox by the end of the day. I then get to use those precious hours to play with my kids rather than using those hours to research a fix for my problem.

Anyone else is more than welcome to be inquisitive and ask me anything. I’ll try to be honest and answer everything I can.

PST – We announced our Fabulously Free Giveaway winner today. Go check it out!