Pause for Monetization

Some of you have been asking for a follow-up on our DIY desk, our kitchen, and other topics such as our curb appeal.

To be honest with you, we have had to pause on all projects. Our flower bed was only trimmed this year, but it never saw the love it needed other than water.

Our kitchen still looks the same, ugly and brown.

And our DIY desk/office still looks as ugly as it is with not even a single piece of art on the wall.

So What’s the Deal? Why the pause on our projects?

This economy, I know, I know. Everyone blames the economy. Honestly it is the reason for the pause on the projects. In the last few months all our utilities bills have risen their prices. From cell phone, to water, electric, food, gasoline, internet. This drought hasn’t helped us either. I frequently check our city utility website for our water levels and wonder when the next 3% of water is going to disappear before our cities emergency water plans go into effect. I know I’m doing as much as I can to conserve water, but with a family of four I feel like I’m barely able to do much.

I can’t help but think of Revelations during these times.

If we do have some money to spare, Jeremiah and I will go out on a date at least once a month and that’s about it. I honestly wonder at times what we can eat for dinner because I don’t want to make a purchase using the credit card.

So, what does Monetization have to do with the title of your blog post?

My etsy business has slowed down the last two weeks, and I’ve made a few zazzle sales here and there, but it’s nothing close like some blogs are profiting from by just doing their thing – blogging and selling eBooks. Blogs like a pinch of yum who has monetized their website and now makes $4,000.00 a month since starting a year ago and house of rose who averages a little over $400 a month from talking about motherhood, life and decorating.

And here I have been blogging for about 6 months, and make less than $5.00 a month from blogging.

So as I work to find creative ways to keep you coming back for me, I want to hear from you. You are the reason that will help me not have to wonder about what I’m going to feed my family or how I’m going to put food on my table.

I want to hear from you. Please leave a comment and let me know the following:

1) Do you have a blog? What is it? What is your monetization strategies?
2) What can I do to improve my blog? What do you want to see more of so you’ll keep coming back for more?
3) What do you really want to know from me, and how would you like it delivered to you? In a easy format, or step by step directions, etc?

Newspaper Headlines Wedding Invitations

I’ve been working hard today in my zazzle shop. I’ve been working so hard that my hand hurts. However I’m proud of the amount of items I was able to create thanks to my new daily schedule by Amy Lynn Terry. I’m loving it so far. Expect a full review on her eBook later.

However, I wanted to share with you a new wedding invitation theme that is available in my etsy shop. It’s called “Newspaper Headlines.”

Here’s a view of the Save The Date Postcard

… and this is what the Couple’s Shower Invitation looks like

You can change the colors to match your wedding theme. There’s a wide variety of colors available to choose from on my color chart.

More items in this theme will be added at a later time.

Tell me what you think. Do you like it? Love it? I want your humble honest opinion. See you in the comments!