Scheduled Closing Announcement

Our Etsy store will be closed from August 9-11th for a scheduled vacation.  We will continue to work on all open orders on August 9th up to 5PM central time.  However, we will not be able to respond to any inquiries or work any orders on August 10th & 11th. will remain open.  However we will not be able to work on any orders on August 10th & 11th.

Our manufacturer is closed on the weekends, but they will continue to work on the 11th.  I, Autumn, as your designer will not be working on the 11th.

Thank you so much for your understanding! :)


Shop our Custom Address Stamps on!

Hey Guys!  You probably noticed a few things look a little different around here at  I’m so incredibly excited to focus my brand on what I do, and what better opportunity is there to build your website around your brand and what you do!  A lot of you guys come to me for design services, and it’s about time I have something to offer to you right here on Fall For Design.  You’ll see the front of our website,, got a little mini make-over with the focus of YOU in mind!  It no longer directs you to our three stores on etsy, but now you can shop some of our products right here on!  It makes it incredibly easy.

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 4.33.37 PM

Each day I continue to make progress in all areas of life.  Rather that be business or personal.  I’m sure there will be some more tweaks here at Fall For Design, they’ll mostly go unnoticed and won’t affect your shopping experience.

Our store only showcases 8 of our stamp designs, but we have over 100 stamps!  Keep checking back for more of our designs.  Don’t forget to check out what our customers are saying about our stamps on our testimonial page!

I’m so excited for this update and I can’t wait to work with more amazing customers and design beautiful stamps for you,  your friends or your family members!