15 2013 Christmas Cards, Invites, Parties and more Templates

Looks like I have a busy week ahead of me!  Thanksgiving has snuck up on me.  I’ve been busy pumping out new designs for my cell phone case shop and for my printables shop.  I have all kinds of fun things over there, so go check them out!

Meanwhile, it’s time for my annual pick and pull of beautiful holiday cards from zazzle.com!  Check out these beauties!

1. Layers! This card is packed full of them making it look very trendy and festive. Candycane anyone?!

Vintage Merry & Bright Holiday Photo Card
Vintage Merry & Bright Holiday Photo Card by dulceevents
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2. I love this Emily Lime font. It’s my favorite and it’s currently on my own wish list!

3. Making it Lovely ordered these sparkly gold and silver prints for her Christmas Cards, and they turned out gorgeous!

4. You can use this card to show off all those best photos from your family photo shoot. Added bonus, these are pretty inexpensive! Win-Win!

Simple Collage Holiday Photo Cards
Simple Collage Holiday Photo Cards by berryberrysweet
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5. This Christmas card template is fun. Really.

Cute Confetti Oh What Fun Holiday Photo Greetings Invitations Template
Cute Confetti Oh What Fun Holiday Photo Greetings Invitations by fat_fa_tin
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6. Ahh, Chalkboard. It’s still trending after one year. I can’t get enough of this fashionable look! Here’s a Chalkboard Christmas Card Template for you guys.

7. I think this is cute. It’s a perfect Christmas card template.

8. This is also one of my favorites Christmas Card templates. It showcases the whole picture.

9. This Christmas card template reminds me of gift wrapping.

Crafty Christmas Holiday Photo Card Template
Crafty Christmas Holiday Photo Card by berryberrysweet
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10. This Christmas card template is beautifully crafted. I think this one will be a hot seller!

11. This Christmas card template is cute. It’s a folding card, so it’s a bit more expensive. But you can place all those lottery scratch-off tickets for your friends and loved ones inside.

12. And here’s one that I recently designed. It comes with curved corners! It’s a chalkboard Christmas card party invitation template. You can use it to host corporate events or host a party at your home or whatever!

13. This is another Christmas card party template I designed that can be used for the same thing (corporate parties, holiday parties, host your own gathering, host your own Christmas day get together..)

14. This Christmas Card template doubles as an annual Family letter (on the back). I designed this one as well. I have more colors available such as black, navy, green, and gray.

15. And a favorite of mine from last year, a more simpler Eat, Drink & Be Merry Christmas Party Dinner Invitation Template!

Eat Drink & Be Merry Christmas Party Invitation Template
Eat Drink & Be Merry Christmas Party Invitation by Fallfordesign1
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