Social Media Business Cards

A few weeks ago I launched a splash page here at Fall For Design, which was part of my plans for growing my business.  You can read about it here.  The next part of my business plan was to have business cards and what I call  a “Social Media Card.”  I include these cards in my printed order packages.  The card is a Thank You Card and a Social Media Card in one.


The back of the card acts as my “Call To Action.”  It has three Call to Actions.

The first Call to Action is if a client has had a positive transaction with me.  If a client likes their product, then I encourage the client to share some of my business cards with their friends.  The business card directs future clients to interact with me directly via Etsy or directly via


The second Call To Action encourages clients to find and follow us on social media networks.

My favorites are Pinterest and Facebook (I use those two actively), and twitter is also available.  I don’t use twitter as much though.  In my opinion, twitter and facebook both work the same way with status updates and sharing (or retweeting/replying).  Facebook is the way the world communicates more effectively these days, so I rather use facebook for all my social media use between our blog readers and my clients.  I also post Etsy sales and coupon codes on my facebook feed (another reason you should follow).


The third Call To Action is the bottom half of the card.  It serves as a business card and a reminder where clients can come back and get more of the same service, or where they can check out templates I designed on zazzle (if they need some for another occasion).


For my printed orders, I use to write a handwritten thank you note and stick it in the package.  But with my new Social Media Cards, the front side of the Social Media Card helps eliminate the step of the handwritten card (and saves me time that seems to always be scarce these days).706_2511

I can’t take credit of coming up with this fabulous idea of a Social Media Card.  I received one myself one day and it sparked my interest.

Although I did take it a step further though and implemented two Call to Actions on the back (give business cards to friends, come back for more great service or shop templates for other occasions).  Of course I didn’t stop with just two Call To Actions, I added the “Thank You” on the front to serve a purpose.  My purpose was to thank my clients for their orders, and to encourage positive feedback and more positive experiences.

I lead others to my website because I want any potential customer to think of me as a person and not a business.  Psychologically speaking, people will get mean and nasty when they’re interacting with a business.  But if they view you as a real person, then both parties will have a better experience.  My blog serves as a point to show anyone that I’m not just a business, I’m a person.  It gives everyone a chance to connect with me and see that I’m a real person behind the screen.  And there are lots more benefits about why someone should read our blog too.  Check out our about page to see why.

Happy Friday!

20 Trendy 2013 Save The Date Magnet Templates

I’m taking a break of talking about a few of our latest projects around the house. It’s been a while since I’ve pulled together a collection of my favorite wedding items that is currently trending (in my opinion) Here’s a collection of my favorite Save The Date Magnet Templates.

1.  I like how flexible this magnet is, it’s a template so you can upload your engagement photo.

2.  If you a tech geek, this may be up your alley.

3.  Rustic Country is currently catching my eye.  I love this template where you can also upload your engagement picture.

Dark Wood Photo Save the Date Magnet
Dark Wood Photo Save the Date Magnet by RiverJude
Look at more Dark wood Magnets at zazzle

4.  This is a clean, simple design.

Create a one-of-a-kind custom magnet at Zazzle.

5.  How sleek and vintage this save the date magnet is!  Love!

6.  Another different, but cute save the date magnet template.

7.  This save the date magnet template is great for a beach or a light airy wedding.  It’s so simple and beautiful.

8.  I love the layout of this magnet.

9.  Cute!  You can also upload more than one of your engagement photos for this save the date magnet.  There’s more colors available.

10.  Check out this air-mail.  Even though it’s for Italy and not very flexible for someone who’s not getting married in Italy, I still like it!

11.  This is simple, big, and beautiful.

12.  This Save The Date Magnet Template is totally flexible.  Just upload a picture, change the text, and you’re done.

13.  This is a cute yellow, orange and brown country Save The Date Magnet.  I love all the details.

14.  Another simple Save The Date Magnet template.

Vintage Cafe Save the Date Magnet
Vintage Cafe Save the Date Magnet by origamiprints
Check out other Save the date Magnets at

15.  I’m digging the watercolor look of this save the date magnet template.

16.  This seller has this template available in multiple colors.  I love how simple and trendy it is.the magnet is.

17.  Yellow was a trending color last year, but I’m digging the kraft paper and yellow put together!

18.  Lace is in this year, and this save the date magnet is country cute!

19.  I’m also trending towards bycicles.  This seller also has multiple colors available.

20. And, here’s mine that I designed.  Simple, and right to the point.  Just how I like it!

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