A Wedding in the Sun

Yesterday I received a lovely e-mail from Rachelle Thorpe at SPDJewlrey letting me know she included my Chevron Gray & Yellow Save the Date in her treasury on etsy.com titled “A Wedding in the Sun.” I feel so honored.

Here’s a recap of the Chevron Gray & Yellow Save The Date that I created.

Gray and Yellow Chevron Save the Date

Here’s Rachelle Thorpe’s Treasury…

To get a better view of all the other goodies in her treasury, you can click here.

PS – We’ve been busy working on a secret project and I apologize with the lack of updates. Keeping up with our secret project, the chores, the babies and etc. is flat our exhausting! However, it’s completely worth the wait. You guys should subscribe to the blog so you’re notified via e-mail. You wouldn’t want to miss a special announcement, would you? Just saying.. :)

PSS – The Gray & Yellow Chevron Save the Date has lots of views in Etsy (about 100 a month), but no buyers yet. Boo! What are you waiting for folks?! Please review or critique it. I want to know how I can get you to buy it. :)

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