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My focus for Fall For Design is to keep up with design trends. I learn to streamline my business and my blog by learning from others mistakes. I recently came across a very popular graphic designer’s copyright delimma that closely relates to where I stand on Pinterest Copyright issues.

From what I understand, the copyright dilemma started because a quilter used one of Kate Spain’s fabrics to create a tote bag. The quilter was also going to publish her tote/quilt design in a how-to book. The quilter is Carolina Patchworks.

What I understand from Kate’s statement on the issue, is that Carolina Patchworks should have seeked a license from Kate Spain to use Kate Spain’s fabric to design a tote bag, or a quilt blanket, to resale the how-to-quilt design. Kate pursued legal action because her fabric design was being used in a how-to book without her consent. The verdict of her business decision to pursue a quilter resulted in the loss of loyal customers. The loyal customers are afraid that they too, can be sued.

In the end, Carolina Patchworks has decided to give credit to Kate Spain for utilizing her fabric to create the book. Carolina Patchworks stated that the “designer” has withdrew her legal pursuits. Kate Spain made a statement that she is happy with the outcome.

It took a lot of time for me to “read in-between the lines” of what the original issue was that prompted the threat of lawsuit. I couldn’t make heads or tails as to why Kate Spain allows her fabric to be made in how-to books, but she wouldn’t let her fabric be used in Carolina Patchworks how-to books. What I do understand now is that Kate was not happy that her work was not given proper credit. Kate’s statement on her blog was confusing and controversial for me. Other people left comments on Kate’s blog stating that they are no longer going to buy Kate’s fabrics because they don’t want to be threatened for a lawsuit [for creating and selling a product that is used with her fabric].

What other people are not understanding is that you can’t claim an item as fully yours unless the rights are transferred to you by the designer. Since crafters use fabric, the rights are not fully transferable and therefore you cannot claim the whole entire product as solely yours. You have to give credit to the tools and resources you used.

I don’t speak on behalf of Kate Spain, but I have to encourage you to continue to buy from Kate Spain fabric. Kate Spain was trying to get Carolina Patchworks to give Kate Spain credit for her fabric design being used in a book.

Your take-away from Kate Spain’s copyright dilemma is to give proper credit to your resources and tools when due. When is proper credit due? It’s due every time you talk about a specific product that you created. You should elaborate about the resources and tools you used.

As for Kate Spain fans (or x-customers for that matter), I don’t believe your etsy business will be held liable for reselling a tote bag or a quilt how-to design. You should not be afraid to continue to use Kate Spain’s fabric.

However, your business will be held liable for not giving proper credit to the tools and resources you use.

My take-away is if I do design for the textile industry, that I must copyright my designs so I can be given proper credit when due.

The moral of the story; remember to give proper credit when it is due!

Chevron seems to be the most popular trend lately. Gray and Yellow are popular color combinations.  I’ve been wanting to get into designing stationary for quiet some time.  I’m glad to tell you all that I produced a second stationary design.  It’s a Save the Date announcement.

If you know of someone who is looking for a gray and yellow chevron save the date for an upcoming wedding, I got it for you. It can be altered to fit your name and your special date.  I can also customize it in different colors to match your wedding theme.

All I’m asking is for $20.00 for the design.  I will e-mail you the design and you can take it to your local print shop and order unlimited prints to your hearts content.  All you have to do is to cut it along the folds, which I provide for you in my design.  The card is size A2 You can find out more information on my etsy listing.

Some of my favorite blogs have been talking about copyright issues lately with Pinterest. In matter of fact, if you do a google search, there’s about three million different sources talking about the Pinterest Copyright issues.

If you follow my pinboard and have been reading my blog for quiet some time, you’ll know that I absolutely love Pinterest. There are pro’s and cons to Pinterest, but when it comes down to it, I’m going to keep on pinning and blogging about it my heart’s content. This is why I choose to do so.


Business Insider posted a beautiful, well-written article about a lawyers perspective on Pinterest Copyright and terms. One of the terms which was pointed out is that Pinterest makes the user solely reliable for what a user puts on the Pinterest website. If you ask me, it’s Pinterest’s awful way to play the “blame game.”


My most popular articles are from me talking about certain pins on pinterest. Like certain ways to do creative projects with toilet paper rolls. My articles sometimes give me 30-50 visitors a day by utelizing other pictures (and given a proper credit to my source of course). You should keep pinning if you are a blogger who has paid advertisements, sponsors, or other sources of revenue on your blog. Why? The more visitors you have, the likely they will stay and revist, and it increases your chances of a visitor clicking on a paid advertisement or sponsor. Can we say cha-ching!

If I had a certain image of my own that I posted on my blog, and someone pins it, then it’s instant visitors. And bloggers love visitors!

I have pinned other people’s pins, and not only does the original source of the work get traffic from pinterest, but they also get traffic from me. How? I blog about their pin, give the original source credit, and people click on the source because they like it and want more of it. See the outbound links below.

Block your images from being pinned

Pinterest has made it possible for images not to be pinned by using a snippet of code in your meta tags.

I think it’s a great idea for people/companies to use the snippet of code if they don’t want their images pinned. I am hoping that SEO plugins will somehow add this meta option in wordpress. When a post is created, and there is a certain image that a user doesn’t want to be pinned, they can click an option for the Meta Tag to say “No Pin.” So wherever the image/post shows up on the users website, it will have the meta tag not to be pinned.

I bet since Pinterest Copyright is so controversial lately that this function will soon take effect. I’ll be looking forward to it. I’m not a programmer, I’m a designer. If you’re a programmer and you are reading this, then please program away (and give credit where credit it is due for your inspriation to create the SEO Meta Tag No Pin option.)

My Personal, Humble Opinion

From the age of time Bloggers have been posting images and crediting other sources for the actual image. So what’s the big deal about doing it through Pinterest? You’re just as liable to get sued directly on your blog as you are through Pinterest.

My final conclusion, I’m going to keep blogging about the things I love and I’m going to share the love. I’m going to give proper credit where due, and give pinning etequit. If someone wants me to remove their image, or doesn’t want me to send traffic their way, then that’s okay. They can contact me and ask me to remove their image or to stop sending visitors to them.

Lets Discuss

As always, I’m open for discussion, insights, and opinions. I know other people have deleted all their pins because they are afraid of being sued, but what do you think? Will you keep on pinning?

PS. As I was writing this post, a company on Pinterest started following one of my boards titled “Mantel Decoration.” Who is the company? Mantel’s Direct. It’s a great way of promoting themselves, and I’m flattered that a company is following one of my inspiration boards.

Pst – Someone did create a “no-pin” wordpress plugin for wordpress. You can find it here.


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