Hi Friends!

We are temporarily closed as we are working behind the scenes like little elves trying to get orders shipped out and proofs sent within the turnaround times we originally advertised.  Please bare with us as this is a busy time of year, for everyone!

The Christmas deadlines we advertised were/are;

December 5th for no-proof orders, first class (standard mail)
December 10th for no-proof orders, Priority Mail
December 15th, for no-proof orders, Priority Express Mail

Our office will be moved as well during this closing, so we will have limited access to respond to any inquiries until we return.  However, we still have the opportunity to pack and ship your orders during our move.  We will try our best to respond to you, but please don’t be surprised if we don’t respond until after Christmas is over.  Especially between the dates of December 19th-December 26th.

We will send you a ship confirmation once your package has shipped with a tracking number.  Please check your spam folder.   USPS will provide an estimated ship date for you, on their website.

While we may fulfill our duty and get the stamp shipped in time for Christmas, USPS may not always deliver on time, especially during Christmas as stated in our Shipping Policy.

Our local postal delivery/pick-up representative has told us this is the most crazy Christmas season the post office has seen since the great recession.  All the packages she has picked up on her route barely fit in her postal truck.  So, you can imagine if the packages that are being mailed can’t fit in her truck then you can imagine the packages trying to fit into a jet, or a big rig!  Please be patient as the post office is now working 7 days a week delivering packages as a best effort to get orders delivered in time.  If you have any questions about where your tracking is or why you’re tracking has not been updated, please contact your local postal carrier as we do not know what USPS is up to during their busy time. :)

Have a Merry Christmas!
The Fall For Design Team