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I’m really trying to dive into the wedding stationary business, and while I was looking for the latest wedding trends on the market, I found this beautiful origami paper bouquet. I loved it so much, I extracted the colors of it for you to use in your design projects too.

I took the colors and put them in one of my invitation designs.

This invitation is just an example of what I can design. I can design just about anything you want. I recently lowered my prices of invitations. They now start a $2.00, and the rest of my items have been lowered too. I can also ship smaller quantities. You can check out the details on my other listings on my etsy shop. If you want this invitation designed specifically for you, please contact me at

What I love about origami paper bouquet’s is it’s a lot cheaper then purchasing real flowers. The latest financial trend is DIY and inexpensive items.

I’m curious, what have you noticed is the latest wedding trends? What would you like to see more of?

Image of purple, blue and pink paper bouquet belongs to this etsy shop. The wedding invitation design belongs to me.

Update: This design and custom wedding stationery services were discontinued in 2014.

I’ve been hard at work over at my etsy shop changing a few things. My Yellow and Gray Chevron Wedding Invitation, Save the Date and RSVP Postcard has been the most popular item in my shop. Before we went on vacation to Nebraska, I headed into town to visit a local professional printer because I am now printing these professionally!

I also made several changes. I removed the optional DIY print. I chose to remove it because your wedding is important. It’s stressful. Why do you need to make your own wedding invitations that is time-consuming and a headache? I want to take the pain of your wedding stationary away from you, so I’m only offering my Chevron Yellow & Gray (or is it grey?) Wedding Invitation, Save the Date, and RSVP Postcards as print to order.

I did a lot of research on other etsy sellers and found my prices to be cheap, affordable and cost effective for your Yellow & Grey (or gray, whatever you guys prefer) Chevron Wedding.

I’m super excited about it, and I hope you guys are too. I also had my shop reviewed for critiques and made special changes to get viewers like you to bite the bullet and let me make your special day extravagant. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

I want to create different designs, but I want to know what is/was your wedding theme?

Pst – To read more about my Grey & Yellow Chevron Wedding products, click here, here and here. Also, please check out my etsy shop for new items and more changes!

Wow. I recently added another feature to my Chevron Wedding Save The Date over at the Etsy shop. I made some changes and included a wedding invitation and RSVP Postcard.

It use to look like this…

Now it looks like this…

With the changes that I’ve made, it caused a mass amount of explosion with traffic. People are loving it. They are liking it. I’m excited about it. I’m going to talk in sentences like this. Just kidding.

Check out the shop statistics. I’m serious that people are liking this. I know etsy has a lot of daily traffic, but people have to be attracted to my design to click on it. Success has me beaming from ear to ear.

Although the changes I’ve made has caused a huge jump in traffic, I still do not have anyone that has made a purchase. Because of this, I’ve decided to try to offer more. I’m taking the dirty work out of DIY and will be shipping the Wedding Invitation and Save The Date with corresponding envelopes. I have been in touch with a local printing company who will be doing the ugly work for me (such as printing and trimming).

There’s another etsy seller who is in the wedding stationary business. I’ve been keeping an eye on her store and she makes an average of 10 sales a day. I’ve calculated the costs. If each 10 customers a day purchased 250 wedding invitations, then she makes an average profit of $5,000 a month (already subtracted expenses).

Wow, right? I would be ecstatic if could make that amount in one month! The next week we’re going to be occupied with other items on our agenda, but when time permits, I’m going to jump into the car and headed down to the print shop to finalize a few things before I make the Print to Order Yellow and Grey Wedding Invitations a possibility.

Here it is. I’m testing my skills with logo design. I want to design your website/whatever logo for you, for free. I’m looking to create something unique, and not plain or boring. So if you want something that’s modern, sophisticated, fun, girly, antique, you name it.. give me a try. I’m looking to expand my design horizons.

My logo designs are valued at $150.00, but you can get that for free.

You can join the giveaway and have your friends join the giveaway on your behalf too. This increases your chances of winning.

But, what are the giveaway rules? Follow these steps..

1. Comment
2. Let me know who you’re entering the contest for.
3. When the logo design is done, I need you to answer a few questions. Your answers will be featured as a testimonial on my graphic design website (when it goes live).

And that’s pretty much it. Simple, right?

Oh, there’s more perks if you win

Upon being selected as a winner, you will be given access to my client portal area.

Through the client portal area, I will be providing you a contract that states I will be offering my services for free. After the contract is completed and returned, I will have a logo design questionnaire that you will need to be complete. Then I will start the work on your logo design project.

So, what are you waiting for? Do you want to upgrade your image and save yourself $150.00? What do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing. This offer is too good to pass up. Comment and enter your chance to win.

He’s the bottom line, the giveaway ends at a secret time. This is why you shouldn’t waist your time. Enter now. Go!

Ps – What is a logo? A logo is an image placed at the top of your website, or on a business card, that identifies your business with your product or services. It can range in Mom Blogs, food, business, or just about anything.

Pss – This giveaway was entered in, Cocktailswithmom and

I created something new for the etsy shop. It’s called Alphabet Love. It seems like a lot of people want the alphabet in a new little one’s nursery. Other than yellow and gray being popular colors, so are pink and gray. Emme’s nursery is pink, gray and black.

The print is sized to fit 11″ x 14″ frames. It can be custom ordered to fit your color scheme. If you love it, please add it to your favorites or purchase a print and help a small business grow. Since its brand new art, it’s priced at a very small rate of $5.00. Isn’t that an awesome deal or what?

I’m curious as to what you guys think about the print. Is there something you would change? Would you rather have the print mailed to your home, or do you like the concept of getting it printed for you? Please let me know in the comments.


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