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4 New Trendy Return Address Stamp Designs

Hi Friends!

How’s your summer going?  Here in the mid-west it’s been a combination of a cool summer month with extreme heat.  It’s been so hot where the pool feels like it’s sizzling!

Question for you guys and gals!  Since summer is here and wedding season is in full swing, we’re you recently engaged or married?  Or maybe you purchased a house and need the perfect trendy return address stamp? Well great news! We have four new trendy return address stamp designs that will be perfect for all those occassions!

Floral Trendy Return Address Stamp Designs

Florals and fancy script are the latest trends right now and we created not one, but two new return address stamp designs using both combinations!

Personalized Return Address Stamp (T8)

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that incorporating flowers and plants into our designs is our thing.  We absolutely love incorporating them in stamps and the rest of our products!

Personalized Return Address Stamp (T158)


Simple, Casual & Elegant Return Address Stamp Designs

We work hard watching and investigating the current trends in the wedding industry market.  We think of our shoppers often when we create something new.  While we absolutely love our flowers and vines, you may prefer something a bit more casual, simple and elegant.  So of course we created two new designs that are perfect for those type of buyers who crave simple, elegant and the latest trends.

Personalized Return Address Stamp (T114)

I am personally a fan of using a stamp without a first names.  Especially if you have a family involved.  Privacy is something that I think each of us want daily!  The following address reveals just enough to not give away who you really are.  At least that’s what I like to think!

Personalized Return Address Stamp (T167)

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