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Hi Friends, today we’re having our own little family Christmas and then we’re headed to my parents house this evening. On Christmas day, I’ll be spending it with Jeremiah’s side of the family while he has to work. Boo! I know, right?!

If it was too late for you to send a little Christmas cheer with your family photo, you have another option. You can send a Happy New Year card all the way up to Valentine’s day on February 14th. Here are the top best-selling cards for the 2013 New Year from one of our sponsors, Tiny Prints.









































Merry Christmas everyone!  Stay warm, drink lots of hot chocolate and keep on giving!

Here are some of my recent favorite do it yourself (DIY) baby shower invitations. They’re cheap, gorgeous, affordable and easy to customize into your own. All you need is one of these 7 gorgeous templates to have a beautiful baby shower;


1.  Colorful and bright fun colors.  If that baby in the tummy can see this, she would be instantly drawn to this card.


2.  Here’s a gorgeous gold, grey and shades of pink flowers invitation.  How unique and different this one is.


3.  Cute baby clothes all hung on a clothes line.


4.  Pink and white chalkboard baby shower invitation.  I love this.  Look how natural that frame is!  It looks like real chalk.


5.  This is a bold bottle pattern.  No pun intended.


6.  Beautiful pops of colors in this umbrella baby shower invitation.


7.  If you really want to get stylish, check out this invitation.  I love the background.  It’s modern-day wood-grain.


I hope all of you are enjoying your Saturday! I’m here to give one last push about Christmas cards. I can see a lot of you are here because you’re interested in Christmas card templates, but I wanted to share with you a very important piece of information about Christmas card templates!

While my Christmas card templates may not be for you, one of my sponsors is, I’m sure of it! There’s a couple on the left that you can check out. Tiny Prints has contacted me and informed me that the last big push to order Christmas cards is today and tomorrow (Sunday). They’ll arrive at your house just in time for you to sign, stamp, and put in the mail and arrive before Christmas!

Tiny Prints Holiday Sitewide Sale

Here’s a screen shot of Tiny Print’s current best sellers.

Enjoy! Happy weekend.

I decided I should share with you all my latest designs. Sometimes I design so much that I forget to share the latest products I created. So this is a big update to catch up on the designs I created the last few weeks.

1. I have noticed there is a trend for the Tall Skinny Font. While this isn’t the Tall Skinny Font, its kinda similar. There’s also a trend for funky bohemian type of invitations. Not formal, but fun and frilly. Thus I came up with this creation:

2. This took no design talent at all. I didn’t use illustrator to create this. I used the fonts/colors that was already available on It’s sleek, modern, simple, minimal and professional. You can use it in all kinds of professions.

3. This rustic wedding program is from my line of rustic wedding invitations. I’m so glad to be able to create this in a template form. What can I say, it frees up my time from designing them one by one. Imagine using it in your burlap/outdoors/summer wedding. You can use it for any theme. Here’s what it looked like before…

…and here is what it looks like now…

4. I noticed my other coral chevron invitation gets quiet a couple of views on zazzle, and I admit, it’s butt ugly. I created it for zazzle when I had no idea how to get zazzle to work for me. No wonder it’s ugly. So recently I created a new one and cleaned it up. It’s much, much better.

Formal Chevron Coral & Gray Wedding Invitation
Formal Chevron Coral & Gray Wedding Invitation by Fallfordesign1
You can sell greeting cards , invitations, stamps and more on!

5. Here’s a unique black and chevron Save The Date. I love it, it’s one of my favorite designs yet. Add a photo and change the verbiage to your own.

6. I also created it in coral and gray.

7. And again in yellow and gray…

8. This is a formal black and white wedding invitation. Elegant, simple, and fun.

9. I created this Save the Date Postcard in three designs. One with white font…

10. One in popular yellow/grey…

11. And one in black…

12. I created this retro catering/dinning business card with some illustrations I drew before but never used until now.

13. I love this typography wedding RSVP postcard. I had the same one (very similar) one available in my etsy shop. Now it’s available for you to customize on your own. Click “Customize It” and add your own text. You can also resize the text so it fits perfectly with your information and change the color to match your theme.

14. Or what about this typography save the date postcard. You can change the background color by clicking “Customize it” and “Edit,” then “Background color.” This same design is available in an invitation format that comes with an envelope if you prefer your privacy when mailing.

15. I also created a really simple and clean Christmas (Joy) card template.

16. And to add to the typography wedding invitation set, here’s the actual invitation.

And that’s the latest of the designs I created. I created 7 of them in one day, the rest of them I created over two weeks. One day I was on fire and inspired and couldn’t stop designing.

I had no idea that my post of 11 colorful Christmas Party invitations would be so popular! So I’m back for more to show you 15 of the best selling invitation templates from zazzle.

1. Deck the halls with red and black ornaments this season with this savy Christmas Party Invitation.

2. Here’s an ugly sweater Christmas Party. Don’t you just love the tacky sweaters during this holiday season? What better way to have an Ugly Sweater Christmas party then with this invitation!

3. Here’s a different ugly sweater Christmas Party invitation. These are popular I tell ya.

4. Blue ornament party. With this template, you can change the type of party you’re having. You can change it to an Ornament Party, or whatever.

5. Oh yes, more ugly sweaters.

6. Candy Cane Christmas Party.

7. Another Ugly Sweater Christmas Party Invitation.

8. Check out the elegant Christmas Party Invitation. Break out the formal dresses!

9. Everything is the same as the invitation above, but the background is different. Which one do you like better?

10. Cute. Simple, right to the punch. All it is, is just a party.

11. Gold. Formal. It reminds me of a vintage formal Christmas Party.

12. I know this iamge shows all the reindeer, but the front of it is cute. Just click on the link. It talks about reindeer games. Reindeer games…? Must. Google. Now.

13. Elegant Christmas Party Invitation. Enough Said.

14. Eat Drink be Merry Christmas Party Invitation. #ohmygoodness. #whatdoyouknow. It’s MY design that’s in the top 15!

15. Deck the halls with this Christmas Party Invitation templates.

1. I actually think this template is adorable. It’s not in the top 15, but I wanted to share it with you guys anyways. The sweaters actually aren’t that ugly! I like them.

2. I like this concept too. It’s an Ugly Christmas Party invitation. Totally unique.

I know, it’s a bit crazy that what I’m going to talk about is other people’s Christmas cards on zazzle. Why am I talking about my competitors? Because I don’t view them as my competitors. You have access to these templates as much as I do, it’s all public on zazzle. I’m going to share with you what I believe are the most beautiful Christmas card templates. If I was going to buy a template to send to my friends and family, I would buy one of these!

1. This one is amazing. You can add your picture and the font will appear right on top. Simple and elegant. The back of the design looks like different colors of ribbon. Very clever!

2. This card is more of my design style. The letters are placed carefully and in alignment. The colors are similar to a candy cane but they’re more of a “new” Christmas color. I love the gold.

3. This font written in “Merry” is a very popular font. I like how the cursive just flows off the page, and everything is centered.

Browse more Merry christmas Invitations

4. This is fun. I didn’t know the lightbulb font would be so popular, but I can see how this card would be popular. Look at all the pictures you get to add of your family!

5. This Christmas card is designed to have the font appear to be “glittery.” Zazzle actually sells glittered paper. If you pick the glitter paper, then you have a very glittery card.

6. This is fun. Two of my favorite fonts in one holiday card! The Tall & Skinny and the “Merry” Font.

7. This is a great combination of vintage and chalkboard which both themes are very a very popular trend. It also had two of my favorite fonts.

8. This is a great example of chalkboard design with your Christmas cards. I love how the font resembles true handwriting on a chalkboard.

9. Here’s another chalkboard Christmas card template. I love the border, and I think it’s a bit vintage too.

That’s it for the top 9 Christmas cards that I would buy. You can mix it up too if you like them all. Buy 10 of one design, buy 10 of another, or 10 of a third design.

Are we sending out Christmas cards? Probably not. We haven’t been in a position the last three years to send out Christmas cards, even though it’s in the back of my mind. I love sending and receiving Christmas cards. However with the move in tow and things are a bit, shall I say, unorganized.. Christmas cards are the last thing running through my mind. While the rest of you are decorating, baking, and present wrapping… I’m packing, my family is trying to consume all the rest of the food in the house so we don’t have to move it and I’m wrapping breakables items to protect them from the move. Phew!

Which Christmas Card templates do you like? Are you sending out cards this year? Where did you buy your Christmas cards from?


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