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Here it is. I’m testing my skills with logo design. I want to design your website/whatever logo for you, for free. I’m looking to create something unique, and not plain or boring. So if you want something that’s modern, sophisticated, fun, girly, antique, you name it.. give me a try. I’m looking to expand my design horizons.

My logo designs are valued at $150.00, but you can get that for free.

You can join the giveaway and have your friends join the giveaway on your behalf too. This increases your chances of winning.

But, what are the giveaway rules? Follow these steps..

1. Comment
2. Let me know who you’re entering the contest for.
3. When the logo design is done, I need you to answer a few questions. Your answers will be featured as a testimonial on my graphic design website (when it goes live).

And that’s pretty much it. Simple, right?

Oh, there’s more perks if you win

Upon being selected as a winner, you will be given access to my client portal area.

Through the client portal area, I will be providing you a contract that states I will be offering my services for free. After the contract is completed and returned, I will have a logo design questionnaire that you will need to be complete. Then I will start the work on your logo design project.

So, what are you waiting for? Do you want to upgrade your image and save yourself $150.00? What do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing. This offer is too good to pass up. Comment and enter your chance to win.

He’s the bottom line, the giveaway ends at a secret time. This is why you shouldn’t waist your time. Enter now. Go!

Ps – What is a logo? A logo is an image placed at the top of your website, or on a business card, that identifies your business with your product or services. It can range in Mom Blogs, food, business, or just about anything.

Pss – This giveaway was entered in, Cocktailswithmom and

I created something new for the etsy shop. It’s called Alphabet Love. It seems like a lot of people want the alphabet in a new little one’s nursery. Other than yellow and gray being popular colors, so are pink and gray. Emme’s nursery is pink, gray and black.

The print is sized to fit 11″ x 14″ frames. It can be custom ordered to fit your color scheme. If you love it, please add it to your favorites or purchase a print and help a small business grow. Since its brand new art, it’s priced at a very small rate of $5.00. Isn’t that an awesome deal or what?

I’m curious as to what you guys think about the print. Is there something you would change? Would you rather have the print mailed to your home, or do you like the concept of getting it printed for you? Please let me know in the comments.

I wasn’t lying when I said I was working on a secret project. The project that I was working on was a design freebie giveaway. If you have subscribed to my website, then you knew this day was coming. I will be hosting my very first Logo Design Giveaway.

As you can see, I keep my promises. I do give away things for free. That’s right, it is important to subscribe to my website so you can be the first to know.

But Wait, there’s more…

This post isn’t where you enter to win the logo design giveaway. I wanted to share with you that the giveaway will be coming, soon. Basically I’m dangling this in your face to get your attention that the giveaway may be tomorrow. It may be Saturday, or it may be Sunday or it may be in another week. Only I know when I will be hosting the giveaway. What I will tell you is that I will be offering the giveaway within the next week. Oh the suspense.

There will be special rules to enter of course. One tip I can give you, is that your friends can also enter the giveaway on your behalf. This means that if you send 50 of your friends to enter the giveaway, and there are 100 entries, then you have a 50% chance of winning.

I’m giving you this specials heads up early so you can let your friends know that they too should probably subscribe and be instantly notified of when the Giveaway goes live.

Oh, you want to know why your friends should subscribe too?

What if your out and about, and you didn’t know the giveaway has been posted and you missed the most awesome opportunity to save yourself $150.00 in a new logo. I mean, what do you have to lose other than $150 that you could have received for free by entering my contest? Well, here’s my next secret tip..

I will close the entries on the giveaway at my discretion. That’s right, I’m not going to tell you when the giveaway expires until it actually does.

You really don’t want to sit on this. You want to give yourself the chance to win a free logo worth the value of $150.00, and you also want to let your friends increase your chances of winning, right?

So what are you waiting for?

Subscribe right now (over to the left), and check your inbox for the big logo design giveaway.

Yesterday I received a lovely e-mail from Rachelle Thorpe at SPDJewlrey letting me know she included my Chevron Gray & Yellow Save the Date in her treasury on titled “A Wedding in the Sun.” I feel so honored.

Here’s a recap of the Chevron Gray & Yellow Save The Date that I created.

Here’s Rachelle Thorpe’s Treasury…

To get a better view of all the other goodies in her treasury, you can click here.

PS – We’ve been busy working on a secret project and I apologize with the lack of updates. Keeping up with our secret project, the chores, the babies and etc. is flat our exhausting! However, it’s completely worth the wait. You guys should subscribe to the blog so you’re notified via e-mail. You wouldn’t want to miss a special announcement, would you? Just saying.. :)

PSS – The Gray & Yellow Chevron Save the Date has lots of views in Etsy (about 100 a month), but no buyers yet. Boo! What are you waiting for folks?! Please review or critique it. I want to know how I can get you to buy it. :)

When I was writing my contract, I scavenged the internet to see what other freelance designers were using on their contracts as well. Here I was, thinking I was the Queen of Google and was able to find anything that I seek. I searched and searched and could not find a legit enough contract that was easy to understand but legal. I did find a ton of information on and on Most of the information I found would not fit into my business model.

Remember when I talked about making a freelance contract and letter you guys have a copy too? I decided that it’s best not to share this information since I would be practically spilling the beans of my business model. In other words, I don’t have anything free to give you guys on this one. Boo. I know, I’m sorry. I did search the internet and found what seemed like a standard contract that some designers are doing. I took points from several examples and formed my own contract of what I wanted that fits my business model.

I did pick up some fabulous tips from others that I wanted to share with you guys (see, I did find some free stuff). I like the point made in this contract from Smashing Magazine about the Limitation of Liability clause. It basically states that a client cannot hold the designer liable in the court due to deadlines not being met due to unforseen circumstances.

Another point that a designer discovered is to not include your clients personal information in your portfolio. My previous career was in the healthcare industry and this particular situation would constitute as a major HIPAA violation. I wouldn’t publicize my clients personal information that was provided to me. It’s like airing all your secrets to your competitors. Plus, lets not forget about spam. I hate spam and I hate people contacting me with unnecessary requests such as e-mail forwards that say I will face grave consequences if I don’t forward the e-mail to 10 other people. I think it’s great to promote the product you created, but the personal contact information needs to stay private. I believe that a contract should state that the client agrees to have their project hosted in my portfolio. Your contract should say you are transferring the copyrights to the client, but you are keeping some to use in your portfolio.

Copyright transfers bring me to my last point. Oh My Handmade wrote a very informative post about copyright transfers for logo designs. They discussed if full rights should be transferred to the client vs partial rights. You can find more information about how this needs to be included in your contract here along with examples and resources.

What resources and tools do you use for your freelance contract?


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