Shipping Policy

Shipping Options

All our stamps are made in the USA and shipped via the United States Postal Service.  These shipping options are available when you check-out;

– Shipping for domestic (USA Orders); 2-10 days for First Class Mail
–  3-5 days for Priority Mail (USA Orders)
– Shipping for international orders: 10-30 days

We Ship World Wide

Postal Delays
The postal service has been known to have delays in package delivery from the time frame above during high seasonal shipping times such as Christmas, delays due to postal service accidents, or delays due to weather.

Fall For Design is not responsible for delays caused by shipping carriers, weather or any damages resulting from the failure to receive an order in time. Our responsibility is limited to preparing your order and delivering it for shipping. Fall For Design is not liable for damages that occur in shipping. Any period or date for delivery of goods or provision of services is intended as an estimate only, and is not a contractual commitment.

Packages Being Returned
If the post office is returning a package, the post office asks for a 10 day grace period for packages to be returned.  Because each situation is unique as to why the package is being returned, we’ll address the situation on a case by case the best we can.

Lost Packages (not marked as “delivered” yet)
Please be advised that the post office must allow a maximum of 10 days (grace period) before we can label a package as lost for domestic mail.  It is 30 days for international mail.  After the 10 days & 30 days have passed from your ship date, please contact us so we can help try to resolve.

Stolen Packages (delivered, never received)
Our responsibility is to fulfill the order for shipment.  Once the item ships, Fall For Design has fulfilled our responsibility.  Once an item is marked as “delivered” by the postal carrier, then the postal carrier considers their duty for delivery has been fulfilled.  Insurance does not cover packages that are marked “delivered” by the postal carrier and then stolen.  Insurance will only cover lost & damaged packages.  For items that are marked as “delivered” but the customer says they never received it at the shipping address on the order, then the buyer will have to file a police report for mail fraud or check with their neighbors.  The buyer is more then welcome to place a second order and ship to a safe location, but Fall For Design cannot assist when packages are stolen from the front door after the postal service has delivered it.

International Orders, International Customs (Taxes & Fees on imports)
Each individual country may have a tax due on imported goods.  Only the buyer is liable for paying the tax to their country and additional import fees where applicable.  To find out your taxes and other fees for imported goods, please contact your postal carrier for your country.  It is possible that your package will be marked “delivered” in your country but your local carrier is holding the package for you to pay your customs.  Please keep an eye on your shipment tracking and contact your local carrier for more information.

If your country returned the package to us due to unclaimed/unpaid taxes or fees, we can go ahead and reship the package to you again.  However the buyer is liable to pay the reship fee.

For Rush Orders
The only option we have available is rush shipping for domestic (USA) orders. Please select this option during check-out if you have a tight deadline. Normal production time frames will still apply.

When Buyer Supplies Wrong Shipping Address

Please review your order carefully to make sure everything is correct, including your ship-to address. Fall For Design automatically sends an email confirmation confirming that the information you entered is correct. That same information is what appears on the order.

If you find that the ship-to address is incorrect, please contact us immediately with your correct shipping address. In most cases, your order starts being worked the following business day.

If your order is shipped to the address on your order and your package is returned to us, it is the responsibility of the buyer to repay shipping fees for the package to be mailed again.

Clients Personal Deadlines

We are aware that clients have their own times they need our products by, but it’s not physically possible to rush the product any faster than the time frame we have listed along with the rules set forth in our shop policies.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  To help fix this situation, we strongly recommend for clients to order well in advance to help make sure any issues are resolved before their deadline.  If the client decides to take the risk and place an order without allowing enough time, than the client will be responsible for any of their own deadlines that are not met.   Therefore Fall For Design LLC is not liable for clients deadlines.

Refunds, Returns & Exchanges Policy


Fall For Design takes full responsibility for the following three situations

  • Receiving the wrong product
  • Typographical errors made on behalf of Fall For Design, LLC
  • Items that are never received.  Please see our shipping policy for what situation qualifies and timelines.

Please contact to us within 60 days from the delivery date (found on your tracking number).  If it’s past 60 days from your delivery date, you’ll have to purchase a new order.

We gladly accept cancellations within 4 hours of purchase.  After this, your item will be entered into production and it will be too late to cancel.

We do not accept any returns or exchanges on custom made items unless the item qualifies under our Refunds/Returns/Exchange policy.

We cannot accept returns on used items (such as ink pads).  Ink pads must remain in their original wrapped packaging in order to be accepted for a return.  The client is responsible in returning the ink pads back to us.

If the Client made an Error

Uh Oh!  That’s okay, mistakes happen!  There aren’t any refunds available, but we can fix your stamp for a reduced fee at the clients expense.  Please contact us within 60 days.  If it’s past 60 days, you will have to purchase a new stamp.

Errors by clients may include:
– Providing the wrong/incomplete shipping address
– Typo/wrong address for the stamp design
– Unclear/incomplete instructions for your stamp order
– Approving a proof with an error (errors/typos on a proof not caught by a client)
– Selecting wrong color of ink
– Buying an item for a particular size and realizing that you needed to purchase a different size that’s not listed in the listing.  Our sizes are specifically listed in each listing.

How We Fix Typographical errors

For Self Inking Stamps:
1) We send you a rubber replacement part.  You do a little (easy) DIY and replace the rubber component with a new one.  Detailed Instructions are provided in your package.  It’s as easy as pealing off a sticker and placing a new one back on.

2) You can send the stamp back to us (but you must first contact us!).  We’ll refund you the shipping fee that you paid if I t was our error, and you’ll ship it back to the return address on the package.  If it was the buyers error, the client is responsible for paying the shipping fee for both directions (to and from).  When the package is received, we’ll do option #1 (replace the rubber component) and return it back to you.

For Wood Stamps:
Our wood stamps do not have any parts that can be saved and reused, like our self inking stamps.  Therefore, they are a bit more easier to work with!  The old wood stamp can be discarded.  Please contact us for more details and prices.

Manufacturing Quality Errors

Our quality check department makes sure your stamp works perfectly before it’s mailed including testing for legibility.  The quality check department uses water-based inks with your stamp to check the stamp impression. Once your item passes quality check, your stamp is cleaned and shipped to you.

Nine out of ten times its not the stamp that’s faulty but the type of material/paper and ink being used together. Our item descriptions describes what stamps can be used on what materials for the best results.

If by chance you believe the stamp is still not manufactured properly, then please contact us with the following information;

1. The type of paper/object you’re trying to stamp on.
2. The type of ink pad (Permanent, water based, Brand Name) – if applicable
3. Pictures of the stamp impression – if applicable
4. Pictures of the rubber potion of the stamp – if applicable

When we receive all the information, Fall For Design will attempt to trouble shoot and guide you on the correct usage for the stamp you purchased. If Fall For Design cannot assist, than we will forward your situation onto our manufacturer and they will troubleshoot. The manufacturer will either instruct us the correct usage for the project you’re trying to work with or if they deem that the correct usage will not help solve the problem, then they will send out a replacement stamp.



Proof Policy

If you would like a proof please let us know with your detailed instructions in the note box with your order. After your payment clears, we will send your proof to the e-mail address provided on the order.  We will not send a proof, unless the buyer requests one with their paid order.  If no proof is requested, we will use your text that you provide during check-out in the template you purchased. Proofs will delay the production of your stamp.

In Summary;

• If you would like a proof, please request a proof in the “note box” with your custom verbiage or the additional “note box” on the check-out screen. We will not send a proof unless the buyer requests one with their order.
Proofs are not available before purchase. Please see our FAQ’s for more information.
• Proofs are sent to the e-mail address provided on the order.
• Proofs and Revisions/Edits will be sent after 4 business days have passed.
• Proofs will delay regular processing times.
• If you requested a proof with your order, please respond to us with your approval or request for edits within 10 days. If you have not replied via e-mail within 10 days, we will proceed with manufacturing your stamp as-is or we will cancel the order at our discretion.
• If we have a question(s) about your order, please respond to us within 5 days. As we wait a response from you, it will delay your proof, manufacturing and shipping of your stamp.  If you have not replied via e-mail within 10 days, we will proceed with manufacturing your stamp as-is or we will cancel the order at our discretion.

Payment Policy

Due to the nature of our custom made products, Fall For Design LLC requires a payment to be made before any work begins.

Meaning, proofs will only be provided after payment has cleared. This includes any work for your project.

Once your payment has been cleared, Fall For Design LLC will work on your proofs within the turnaround time in our Shop Policies and listing descriptions.

Fall For Design LLC collects a 7.850% sales tax for any tangible items purchased by customers that reside in the state of Missouri. Tangible products are items that are shipped to your door step. If you don’t live in Missouri, this sales tax won’t apply to you. Digital items will not be taxed.

10 Day Rule

If we have a question about your order, please respond back to us within 10 days.  After 10 days we will proceed with manufacturing your stamp with what we think is best for the template you purchased.  This includes us abbreviating “Street” to “St” and etc.

Product Sample Image & Quality Imprint Policy

Stamps transfer ink from ink pad to the rubber component, to paper; therefore it is the nature of the stamp impression to look a little rustic vs. a solid imprint. Example images seen are a graphic, not an actual stamp impression.

Terms of Use

You cannot resale these files or alter the template design.  These files are for personal use only.  Some files can be used for business events, such as corporate invitations and parties.

When you make a purchase from us, you agree and adhere to our shop policies listed above and the information provided in the listing item description.

We greatly appreciate you stopping by!  If you read these policies above and still have questions, please feel free to contact us with your questions.

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Privacy Policy

We don’t sell or provide any of your contact information to outside companies, unless we have directly asked for your permission – like if you’ve won a giveaway and that vendor needs to ship your prize.  We give your name and address to our manufacturing team for shipping purposes.  Our manufacturer does not sale or give away your personal information to any company.  If you comment with your email address in that area of the form, the address that you submit will never be passed along to anyone. We may however use your name with your testimonial for our product reviews.  We do use third-party tracking company to keep track of vidal stats to help ensure our business growth, such as Google Analytics.

When you make a purchase, all of your personal banking information is between you and PayPal or between you and our payment processor.  Fall For Design will never see or keep track of your personal banking information.  We do not have the rights to recharge your card.  Only the buyer can send us a payment.


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