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Pst – Check out an updated post of graduation invitation templates here.  Warning, all kinds of various pretty colors available!


This page ranks highly with traffic for everyone looking for graduation invitation templates.  I just wanted to let you guys know that you can find more templates and certains colors in my zazzle store.  Here’s a new template I created for all of you!

And this one.  Which is a popular design from my Save The Date templates.

Back to the post…
A couple of times a year there’s, what I would like to call, a “Stationary Rush.”  Meaning that stationary is a hot buy in this market during certain peak seasons.  The Stationary Rush is always hot for wedding stationary of all kinds, Christmas cards and graduation announcements and invitations.

As I mentioned before, I purchased my first license font and I put it to use with a new line of Graduation invitations and announcements.  I’m hoping to catch a sale or two.  Heck I wouldn’t mind if it was as popular as one of my Save The Dates.  I should probably tell you guys about that.  Maybe another day.  Promise.  Remind me.  I’ll probably forget.


1.  I picked Gold for this graduation announcement/invitation because it’s a popular high school color.  It may not be your color of choice, but someone’s highschool has chosen it as part of their school colors.

2.  I did the same with maroon Graduation announcement/invitation.  When I went to high school, my school colors were maroon and white.

3.  Blue is a popular color for colleges, universities, and all schools across the USA.  Hey, I watch the parades on television.  Yup, not going to lie, that’s where I got the blue idea from.

4.  I switched up the gears in this Graduation invitation/announcement and did not use the in-line font.  I love it and I think it stands out more.

Blue Graduate Senior Portrait
Blue Graduate Senior Portrait by Fallfordesign1
Look at more Graduations Invitations at zazzle

5.  I also added black with the in-line font, after seeing darker colors are more popular for graduation invitation/announcements.

Black Graduate Senior Portrait
Black Graduate Senior Portrait by Fallfordesign1
Browse more Graduations Invitations at Zazzle

6.  Here’s a bold black Graduation Invitation/announcement.

Black Graduate Senior Portrait
Black Graduate Senior Portrait by Fallfordesign1
Find other Graduations Invitations at

7.  I changed things up with a bold gold and a black back-drop for this Graduation announcement/invitation.

Gold Graduate Senior Portrait
Gold Graduate Senior Portrait by Fallfordesign1
View other Graduations Invitations at

8.  I did the same thing as above, but with white.

White Graduate Senior Portrait
White Graduate Senior Portrait by Fallfordesign1
Shop for Graduations Invitations online at

9.  Here’s a bold Gold to stand out from the rest.

10.  I love the maroon.  Of course I had to make it bold as well in the Graduation Invitation/announcement.

11.  I didn’t make this one, but it did catch my eye.  It’s a nice use of Gold and Black.

Check out Class of 2013 Invitations online at zazzle

12.  This one is a popular design I’ve seen on zazzle before.  I like how simple and elegant this graduation announcement/invitation is.

13.  This black modern and bold graduation announcement/invitation will grab anyone’s attention.  It did mine.  Love that font in “Thirteen”.  I recently just discovered that font and I can’t wait to buy it.

You can sell greeting cards , invitations, stamps and more on!

14.  Because chalkboard was so hot during the Christmas season (and is still a hot look for home decor), I wanted to add this to my list of 2013 Graduation announcement/invitations.

15.  This graduation announcement/invitation reminds me of soccer.  School.  Football.  Anything that requires a teacher and attending a class.  Love it.

16.  How beautiful and elegant this purple graduation announcement/invitation is.

See more Class of 2013 Invitations

17.  I thought the “1” was very unique in this Graduation invitation/announcement.

18.  Oh. My. Word.  L.O.V.E this graduation announcement/invitation to pieces.  It has me going “Why didn’t I think of this?!”

Design printable invitations online at Zazzle.

19.  I like the layout of this, and the font.  I just wish the wood would have remained wood looking.  But hey if you love purple, then more purple power to you.

20.  Wow, check out how perfect this graduation invitation/announcement is.  This is graphic design at it’s finest.

Class of 2013 Trendy Grunge Graduation Invitation
Class of 2013 Trendy Grunge Graduation Invitation by TheSpottedOlive
Check out Class of 2013 Invitations online at zazzle

21.  I love the emblem in the middle.  It’s very unique.  It’s one of my ah-ha moments and “I wish I would have thought of that!”

Grad Plate Graduation 2013 Photo Announcement
Grad Plate Graduation 2013 Photo Announcement by color_therapy
View Gradannouncement Invitations online at zazzle

22.  This simple and cute graduation announcement/invitation reminds me of the bohemian style.

Modern Typography Graduation 2013 Photo Card
Modern Typography Graduation 2013 Photo Card by Pip_Gerard
Find more 2013 Invitations at Zazzle

23.  Another graphic design at it’s finest.  It’s a Diploma as a graduation invitation/announcement.  How clever!

Diploma Style Graduation Announcements
Diploma Style Graduation Announcements by thegradshop
Browse 2013 Invitations

24.  I dig the invitation on the right of this graduation announcement.  I just like the layout and everything about it.

25.  I love the “2013,” even if it’s a little bit un-even from the center.  It’s a clever use of typography none-the-less.

26.  Another simple and elegant graduation invitation/announcement.  Love it.

Find another invitation online at
That’s it.  Are you feeling inspired to create or purchase?  Which one is your favorite?

Hi Friends!

It’s that time of the month for another giveaway! If you’ve been following closely, you may have seen that our last giveaway was in November. There wasn’t a giveaway in December because a few things that were happening behind-scenes. I’ll just start off by saying that it’s been a personal goal for our family that I make a profit of $1,000.00 a month from my business adventurous. I haven’t me that goal, but I am growing closer each month. You can keep track of it by clicking the income link above or right here.

We’ll re-evaluate what kind of giveaways we will be offering after we meet our goal. But don’t fret yet folks, we’re still having a giveaway. We’re offering free advertising space. You can read more about it here regarding the requirements.

PRIZE: 1 month of free advertising effective 2/1/2013 through the end of February.
TO ENTER: Complete the steps in the Rafflecopter widget.
GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Friday, January 25th at 12:00am Central Time
PRIZE APPEARS: In our sidebar right above “Advertise Here”
DETAILS: The winner will be selected using Please check back here on Saturday January 26th to see who won.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday. Things have been busy in our household. I spent one day off the computer and it threw off my business and the whole nine yards. And to think that it’s suppose to be a “day off” according to my business schedule. My life is my computer. I even found a way to have a daily devotion on the computer.

I feel the opening of this post means I will have to share more about my goals and life priorities in another post.

Today I actually want to share with you guys my latest creations. Be ready. It’s a big long post filled with beautiful goodies..

1. Coral and Grey Chevron Invitation now in a template format. You can usually find this on my etsy shop, but I was able to play around with it enough to be happy with it to sale as a template.

2. Purple wedding invitations are currently trending, and I made my Floral Ampersand available in purple. Here’s an RSVP card.

3. To match the purple RSVP card, there’s a wedding invitation in purple as well.

4. Trendy and elegant return address labels. Change the colors to have it match your wedding theme.

5. Chevron return address labels to match your chevron wedding invitation suites.

6. Mr. & And Mrs. Tan and Navy Blue Wedding Invitation.

Floral ampersand Wedding Invitation in Navy
Floral ampersand Wedding Invitation in Navy by Fallfordesign1
Check out more Ampersand Invitations at Zazzle

7. Mr. & Mrs. Tan and Navy Blue matching RSVP card.

8. Tan & Blue Mr. and Mrs. Save The Date Postcard.

9. Tan & Blue Mr. and Mrs. Thank You Card. You can write your special note on the back of the card.

10. I wrote this Valentine’s Day card with the intentions of what my husband should say to me. Lets just say he needs a little help with his romantic vocabulary. I found a similar mad lib floating around the internet and I pulled some of my inspiration from it.

11. Valentine’s Day Greeting Card in grey and pink; You’re my Favorite Thing

12. Some of my stationary doesn’t allow all the lines to be filled out. I’m not too sure why. On all my lines I have selected to make it a “template” so it’s easy to customize, but it’s zazzle. And in my personal opinion, zazzle needs a serious design make-over. I did some research on them and their head designer/programmer makes over $130,000 a year. I think they need a new one. Shh.. I didn’t tell you that, internet. ;)

Click the “customize it” button and you can add/change the text for this Newspaper Baby Shower Announcement.

13. Purple In Love Heart Postage stamp. There’s other colors available too. Head on over to the shop to see more.

14. Purple Save The Date Postcard. This also has other colors available in the zazzle shop.

15. Girls Birthday Party Invitation.

16. There are also a few from my etsy shop, like my continued line of Perfect Chevron Stationary. Now available is a Rehearsal Dinner Invitation..

17. There’s a Couple’s Shower also available with the Perfect Chevron Stationary.

18. I also received a request from a potential client to extend my Rustic Block stationary. Extending the current designs I have in my etsy shop is on my to-do list. But I’ll be real, I’m really pushing for the blog and the zazzle shop to be my primary bread winners/income sources. I’ll have to explain more of my reasons in another post. I guess this sentence goes hand-in-hand with my opening paragraph in beginning of this post!

…back to the stationary. It’s a wedding website card in the Rustic Block stationary line of mine.

That’s it for January. If you like what you see, follow me on facebook, instragram, twitter, or add my website to your favorite reader to continue seeing updates on the latest designs I come out with. You’ll find the links to my etsy and zazzle store on top of this page or the social networks in our sidebar.

Here’s some of the latest trendy Save  The Date cards for January 2013.

1.  Simple and Formal.  This Save The Date card will have your guests come dressed with ties and dresses.


2.  A beautiful use of typography for this Save The Date card.


3.  Who doesn’t love the classic chalkboard Save The Date card?


4.  This Save The Date Card is perfect for city lovers.  Not just because of the background, but the whole design sales to city lovers.


5.  Beautiful colors of numbers.  Who knew using numbers as a Save The Date card could be so pretty.


6.  One of my favorite fonts.  Simple, sweet and stunning.  If you’re looking for a simple and cute Save the date card, this is it.


7.  This is a popular chalkboard Save the date card using vines with leaves.  Absolutely beautiful.


Which one is your favorite?

I had a different topic to share with all of you, but I had to be realistic.  I couldn’t get the pictures done.  We’ve been dealing with a plumbing issue ever since we moved in, and I think I’ve been talking about it since then too.  We also installed our dishwasher this weekend and I feel like time is flying by too fast.

I look at our house and think that I had this spotless the night before, but the girls managed to somehow get all their toys shoved under the couch.  I always have to get a broom and get behind all the toys and shove them out in one sweeping motion.  I do it so much that Chloe does it too.  She tries, she’s not perfect at it yet though like her momma.

What I can tell you is I’ve been hard at work this past weekend on my zazzle store.  If I want to start selling other products, I need to design it and promote it in a different way.  It’s taken a lot of research, and I spent one evening wrapping up a new line of stationary I’ve been designing for a few weeks.  It took me a few weeks because I had to dig toys out from under the couch one too many times.

Going forward, I’ll be posting once a month my latest designs that are for sale.  Since the mass choas has completely consumed me, I wanted to share with you the new line of stationary that is available in my zazzle store.  I’ll have to keep you guys on suspense for the other new stationary.

I absolutely love this new Grey and Yellow Mr. and Mrs. wedding invitation.  It’s fresh, it’s different, and it reminds me of my favorite movie Cinderilla.  I have called it Line Floral Ampersand because that’s really what it is.  It is a floral ampersand.

What’s so unique about this is the colors could be changed.  You can incorporate various different colors on the ampersand, or change the background color.

You’ll also find a matching RSVP card too;

And a Gray and Yellow Save the date Postcard;

The last peice to this collection is a Thank you Card.  The back is blank to save paper/costs.  Write your special note on the back, or type it in, and you have finished Thank you cards that are ready to mail to all your guests.

This line will be available on my etsy shop in the near future.

What do you guys think?  Would you change anything with these designs?  Any ideas?


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